Why I Pro Bono

Since 2008, I have regularly volunteered in various programs both on a personal and professional level.  Whether it is assisting DV victims in the capacity of a paralegal, coaching soccer, or acting as a Neutral, I find my experiences diverse, refreshing, and rewarding.

All of the programs I volunteer with are non-profit organizations and they are always thankful for the help.  I have a special admiration for non-profit because in these hard economic times, they have to work twice as hard to accomplish their missions’.  I find it comforting to know that there are still organizations out there that truly see an obligation to society rather than simple personal gain.  The more I volunteer, the more I realize how impactful each opportunity is for me.  Not only does volunteering make me a better legal professional, but a better individual.  For that I am thankful and that is Why I Pro Bono!